This Summer my life was unquestionably lifted at the return of my partner from an 18 month spell living in Italy…Unfortunately as with all good things, this welcome return came with its down sides. The “Back Room” I’d converted into a painting atelier…was now to become a guest/music/tv room/study…I was out of arguments.

Anyway, with nowhere convenient to paint for the foreseeable future I turned to smaller less messy ways to convey my thoughts and direct my creative impulses. I’m a long time student of adobe illustrator and photoshop and so these became my new tools as I intuitively set a path without any perceived destination.

The results below are, in part, shameless self branding but also have become a conduit for my grumpy social commentary…because the world needs more of that!

Ironically that seems to be my point…another fucking voice, more messaging, more opinion. So…I’ve taken to drowning out the noise of daily life with a quiet revolution of my own. If someone is making noise…I’m looking to quieten it down with my own gagging order…a dictatorial order that doesn’t distinguish between Left or Right nor Good or Bad…its too much now…Sshhhhhhut up!

The messaging from brands, artists, institutions and corporations is nothing new and I’ve lived with it my whole life; I even work in the creative marketing industry, albeit as a fashion designer. However recently I feel more and more encouraged/pressured to have strong opinions about so many topics. I’m generally quite engaged in the human aspect of people’s character but I have noticed more and more conversations leaning towards opinion about everything from social campaigns to new books, music, economics, trends, behaviors, politics…the list really does go on…and it rarely seems that you can sit on the fence, every subject needs an extreme opinion. It’s exhausting and I think it’s dangerous. I don’t think having strong opinions on many topics is healthy…How could anyone have done the responsible amount of research on something to hold such strong views on so many of them? To adequately hold so many strong views you would probably need to be retired to allocate the required research time. Unfortunately it’s the older, retired generation that were undoubtedly responsible for Brexit…so we can rule their opinions out. (One example of the kind of thing I’m talking about)

I think it’s ok not to have so many strong opinions.

I’ve decided to further these studies either as a means to confront, what might be, my sensitive over reaction to general conversation or to ignite a campaign to drown out the noise of almost everything. Let’s see.

The ‘First Edition Hardback Copy of Nothing’…takes a well know object, notorious for its spread of opinion…and simply celebrates the aesthetic and haptic qualities of a book. (ordered on the internet and branded by hand)

Sound but no noise

The ‘Second Limited Edition Paperback Copies of Nothing’ are the simple propagation of the ‘First Edition Hardback Copy of Nothing’. (ordered and designed on the internet, assembled by hand)

Reflecting calm seems like a good use of my brand and the metaphor could help the me focus on the things important enough to me to warrant having a strong opinion about, without the corruption of distracting noise.

Branding Calm