Branded Paintings on display in my new studio

In 2021 I experimented with a series of paintings called ‘Drawn Curtains’ and some photoshopped work I called ‘Studies in identity and opinion’.Understanding my motives for and the enjoyment of creating these two significantly different creative processes and aeththetic outcomes has been on my mind for a while. I have come to the early prognosis that these are two opposite aspects of my nature, namely ‘Attack and Defense’.

My works appear to be self preservation. Outwardly blocking the noise of daily life, whilst, retreating inwardly, finding solace in my imagination.

Finally with an awesome new studio in the basement, I have started to blend aspects of these two projects to see how the two different aesthetics work together, hopefully as a unique position.

I couldn’t decide how best to brand them and so during bathroom breaks at work and before and after walking the dog…I used the basic Mark-Up function on the I-phone to sketch different compositional ideas and branded them later in adobe illustrator…before committing to one idea and executing it on the canvas, with acrylic and marker pen.

More coming soon…